Experience You Can Trust

Joseph Chan, M.D. Joseph Chan, M.D.
Interventional Radiology
Joseph Dieber, M.D. Joseph Dieber, M.D.
Musculoskeletal Imaging
Michael D. Gouvion, M.D. Michael D. Gouvion, M.D.
James G. Ken, M.D James G. Ken, M.D.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Galon \ Galon "Cory" Morgan, M.D.
Breast Imaging
Bruce J. Railey, M.D. Bruce J. Railey, M.D.
Miguel A. Reyes, M.D. Miguel A. Reyes, M.D.
Musculoskeletal Imaging
Maqbool A. Salam, M.D. Maqbool A. Salam, M.D.
Nuclear Medicine / Musculoskeletal Imaging
Martin T. Sigler, M.D. Martin T. Sigler, M.D.
General Radiology
Timothy P. Sullivan, M.D. Timothy P. Sullivan, M.D.
Interventional Radiology

Providers of Choice

In line with our vision to be the provider of choice for our patients and referring physicians, MID doctors have been voted among the "Best Radiologists" in the Dallas area by their peers.